The Weekend Hitlist: Labor Day Edition

There are a ton of awesome Labor Day events to get your blood pumping this weekend. So whether you’re looking to get up and dance, have fun dining out, or hit the campgrounds for some action, there’s plenty to do in the District.

INTERESTING FACTOID: Did you know that over 45 of the District’s local food and beverage joints have gotten together to help support victims of Hurricane Harvey? DC Brau Brewing Company and Boundary Stone are helping to organize relief efforts by campaigning for the American Red Cross. The Weekend Hitlist: Labor Day Edition



DC Youth Daylong Tours
When: Saturday & Sunday starting at 8:45AM
Where: Smithsonian Station

 Hey, because parents need some love too!

Yes, my friends, these are also still in full effect (#yass) with the Smithsonian. So if you have kids within the 8 year old to 15 year old range, this would be a great option.

With the daylong guided youth tours your kids get a chance to chillax with other youth and enjoy the awesome sites of the city. You can choose from 4 day long tours which end at 4PM  or half-day tours which end at noon. They also have specialty tours called the Science & Technology Tour, The Future Policy-Maker Tour or the Arts & Humanities Tour). THE WEEKEND HITLIST: KIDS EDITION


So…we’re kind of mixing it up a bit. Typically you get a healthy dose of District action and festivities which include various events, openings and weekend/weekday guides. However, we wanted you to really get in the know about the various ongoings – you know—behind the scenes.

Why? Because we like you. So as a result we’re going to also bring you the occasional word on the street. You know, so you can stay hip. So, here’s what we found over the past week:

Word on the street is… WORD ON THE STREET IS…



This Friday, August 18, Sugar Shack Donuts and Coffee opens in Shaw. This is the twelfth store opening, but there’s a bit of a difference with it. It’s got late opening hours, and you can get your doughnuts warmed. Could there be anything better?

Well, actually, there could. Opening weekend is packed full with prizes, specials and events. From 6 AM Friday, you could win one of the much wanted prizes. The first 50 customers in line will be the lucky recipients of a free doughnut a month for a year. FREE 18 INCH DONUTS AT SUGAR SHACK OPENING THIS WEEKEND!?