H Street is north of Capitol Hill, and east of NoMa. Some people call it the Atlas District, basically because it sounds cool, but since when is that an acceptable reason to rename something? I think it’d be cool if my name was Black Falcon, but that’s not what it says on my driver’s license. Live with it. Still others call it “Near Northeast,” which I guess is true in the sense that it’s nearer than, say, Canada. We all have that friend who’s like, “Come to H Street, it’s not that far! No, seriously, it’s really not that far, stop being a baby!” And then you cave and go out there and it’s FAR. You could watch a Terence Malick film in the time it takes you to get to H Street from anywhere else. They should call it Far Northeast, but then no one would go there. WORD ON THE STREET: H STREET