If there’s a break in the rain this week for a few minutes, run down to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and take a look at the lotus blossoms in bloom.

This national park is a serene gem nestled in between the Anacostia River and I-295. On a quiet day, you can see turtles, salamanders, butterflies, frogs, dragonflies and more. During the Lotus Blossom Festival last weekend, you could see few of these, as the grounds were overrun with small children and their parents decked out in rubber boots to protect themselves from the mud and puddles all over the paths. However, a couple of white herons could be spotted safely away from the crowds out in the water, one perched on a branch, the other slowly strolling through the shallow areas on his long legs. EXPERIENCE THE LUXURIOUS LOTUS AT KENILWORTH AQUATIC GARDENS


You don’t have to live in a tiny apartment to be space-challenged. Any part of your home or apartment can give you trouble this way, whether due to the layout of the room, the types of belongings you have or any other reason.

In my home, built in 1952, my kitchen’s layout was the problem. One wall has cabinets, a sink and the fridge. The facing wall has more cabinets and the stove. One short wall has a door to the outside, and the other has, well … nothing. HOW TO SAVE SPACE IN YOUR KITCHEN


Flowers + alcohol + face painting + dancing = Solstice Saturday, this year’s annual America Now event put on by three of the 11 Smithsonian museums.

Held on the longest Saturday of the year, the free par-tay rattled the bones of this staid but oh-so-fascinating institution, bringing revelry like it hasn’t seen since … oh … last year at this time. But last year’s America Now’s theme was the 100th anniversary of JFK’s birth, so, no hippie bacchanalia.

Too bad the Renwick closes at 5:30. Everyone could have gone over for last call and a look at their Burning Man exhibit. Then they could have joined together to sing “We Shall Overcome” a-la Joan Baez at Woodstock, smoked some weed and boarded the Metro, all before it closed at 1. SMITHSONIAN’S SOLTICE SATURDAY, WOOT WOOT!


A house may not be a home and walls cannot talk, but this doesn’t stop us from remembering fondly — sometimes even viscerally — some of the places we have called home over our lives.

And what do we remember about them? Sometimes only the smell of meals cooked long before we came to stand in the kitchen, or the sound of the spring on the screen door when it creaks open or the crack in the plaster on the bathroom wall that kind of looks like a cat lying down. THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME


Women House, an exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts inspired by the groundbreaking Womanhouse project of 1972, depicts women’s struggle to break free of the chains that bind them to the family home and gain the autonomy and independence they have craved since the dawn of homo sapiens.

Womanhouse, conceived by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro who co-founded the Feminist Art Program, was an abandoned home in Los Angeles that women artists renovated and filled with feminist art installations, sculptures and performances. One of the most famous is Eggs to Breasts, a pink kitchen in which the ceiling and walls are covered with fried egg sculptures. On the ceiling, the eggs look just like fried eggs, but gradually, as they make their way down to the floor, they turn into breasts. WOMEN HOUSE EXHIBIT FOCUSES LENS ON ♀


Bunnyland at Butler’s Orchard in Germantown, Maryland, is a powerful catalyst in helping to propel children into a mad Easter frenzy, the way a visit to Santa’s workshop would be a couple of weeks before Christmas.

This annual attraction, erected on the grounds of the popular area farm, features games and activities perfect for every preschooler (and some elementary schoolers as well).

The $9.50 admission price for children — $7.50 for adults and big kids — covers lots of activities, plus a goody basket. (Food, pony rides and face painting cost extra.)

Getting through the admission gate was painfully slow on the day we went. Small children amused themselves during the wait by trying to eat landscaping rocks and running away from their parents. PARADISE IS AT BUNNYLAND THIS EASTER