Whether you’re a soccer fan rooting for the home team or just an innocent bystander to the city’s work to step up their sports game, you’ve probably heard that there’s a new stadium coming to town. DC United, our very own pro soccer club, is long overdue to kick the ball around on their new turf, called Audi Field, a project which has been in the making for quite some time (read: longer than originally anticipated). DC DEVELOPMENT(S): AUDI FIELD


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As I’ve gotten older, the “checklist” I have for every apartment, home, or real estate hunt has shifted ever so slightly. Now, instead of my only criteria being that it fits within my budget and doesn’t look like the ceiling fan will decapitate me when I’m least expecting it, I get to be a little bit pickier. I can hold out for something with exposed brick or that’s walkable to a hip bar where I can spend way too much money or a place where there’s a doorman dedicated to receiving my amazon prime packages promptly (and without judgment). Looking to some of DC’s latest developments, I’d probably even be prompted to hold out for an apartment that sits comfortably atop a Whole Foods, so I can buy organic cheese puffs and whole trade chocolate that I can’t afford at a moment’s notice. I’m talking of course, about a development nearby Howard University at 965 Florida Ave. NW: The Wren. DC DEVELOPMENT(S): THE WREN


Ah, tattoos. Fresh ink, skin that tells a story, the striking permanence of spontaneity, an art form that has truly taken hold of the latest generations. Most people can either go on and on about their opposition to tattoos or will be searching their phone frantically to show you their idea for their upcoming addition to their arm, or foot, or wherever, as soon as the topic comes up. Love them or hate them, though, they are certainly a part of today’s culture. There are tattoo shops with long wait lists, artists with obsessive followers on Instagram, many boards on Pinterest dedicated to dreaming up the ideal ink, and more. And if you’re looking to get in on the trend in the District, you can consider yourself lucky – we’re home to some pretty amazing, skilled, and renowned tattoo artists. So, where exactly can you sign yourself up for your next add-on to your sleeve or be pushed over the edge for your first ink? Here are some of the most well-known (and well-loved) tattoo parlors in our neck of the woods. WHERE TO GET INKED: SCOPING DC’S TATTOO SCENE


If you’ve ever held a paintbrush in your hands, or been privy to the way a pencil glides across paper, you might agree with me when I boldly claim that art is a language all its own. And it’s a language that transcends rules. After all, art is something that we can all mutually appreciate, but lends itself to varying interpretations. It’s a world wonder in its own right, and something that should be held dear, available to all, and often on the front pages (politics, schmolitics). It’s no secret that we could each spend eons uncovering artists worth writing about – they’re out there, creating in droves. One in particular that has recently inspired many headlines, exhibits, and hearts is Stephen Wiltshire, an internationally acclaimed artist from Britain. CITYSCAPES FROM MEMORY: ART BY STEVEN WILTSHIRE


Looking back on all the articles I’ve researched, written, and dreamt up for Urban Scrawl, it’s apparent that when researching home trends, keeping tabs on architecture, and eyeing topics surrounding real estate, the meatball makers, chic (but cheap) designers, and haven creators we know as Ikea are certainly a force to be reckoned with within the industry. What other company can get away with barely-better-than-stick-figure style instructions on furniture that if you don’t sit on ***just right*** might crumble beneath you? The competition is few and far between. So few and far between, in fact, that I’ve even heard of Ikea as road trip destination… FLOYD: A DETROIT FURNITURE COMPANY TO RIVAL IKEA?


Super-sized was the way of the past. People used to want bigger, bolder, louder. Today though, it seems the trend is moving in the other direction. Now, what is drawing people in is the cuteness of the miniature. You’ll notice it in the not-so-subtle obsession of Frenchies, a pint-sized dog breed so ugly that they’re endearing, or the ridiculous recipe videos popping up on your Facebook newsfeed for a “miniature” bowl of spaghetti and meatballs (cute, yes, but I’m going to need like 1,000 of those…). The trend has even found it’s way into the world of art, and by association architecture. Case in point is artist Joshua Smith, who has made a name for himself by creating miniaturized versions of intensely detailed buildings. ARCHITECTURE IN MINIATURE: JOSHUA SMITH


Even if you don’t have an affinity for architecture, you must agree – it is the backbone of any city. It singlehandedly creates the skyline, gives dreams a place to fester, and hosts hustle inside of its walls. The best part of architecture is that it’s a form of creativity. Some of you might be saying, wait, hold up, doesn’t architecture involve equations that ensure the roof doesn’t cave in and crunching numbers to make sure that doors are going to open? Yes, all of that is true. But it’s also an artistic expression, and as such, us admirers are lucky enough to see a variety of different takes on how a building is built, from the inside out. One of DC’s prominent architect groups is the firm Hickok Cole.