Most of us have been privy to the raw power of the best building block in the world: the Lego. They come in almost any size and color imaginable and can help you create just about anything: a castle, a spaceship, a jungle, a bridge…the possibilities are virtually endless. As we grow up, though, we (sadly) don’t get enough time to sit cross-legged on the floor and dream up our next masterpiece. The Museum of Science and Industry out of Chicago, however, understands the world’s affinity for Legos and the creativity they cultivate. Hence their project and exhibit, “Brick by Brick.” BRICK BY BRICK: ARCHITECTURE WITH LEGOS



Real estate will always be cool – no doubt about that. There’s something special about owning your own piece of the pie. There’s some magic level of adulthood reserved for those who know the “ins and outs” of mortgages. There is camaraderie in identifying yourself as someone who has taken the “plunge” of ownership. Real estate, also, can be weird. There are rules to follow and checklists to keep up with; bills to pay, things to be sprayed and corners to be cleaned. Rarely, in some particular cases, there are inarguably ludicrous laws to follow. Whether I point to outdated laws that have simply been overlooked or laws that are – regardless of time and space – laughable, the oddities of real estate laws are worth noting. Here are some of my favorites. THE WEIRDEST LAWS IN REAL ESTATE



Coffee table books – we’ve all leafed through them. Some are clearly there to fill time and space, not to serve a legitimate purpose (see: The Automatic Millionaire.) As silly as some of them may seem though, coffee table books can be the investment that keeps on giving. Or, put into realer terms — the investment that keeps guests occupied while you run frantically around the kitchen cooking dinner and “no, don’t be silly, of course they can’t help with anything.” Some coffee table books can even gain a second wind and live on to entertain guests elsewhere when their pages have been leafed through one too many times to make your living room look magazine-worthy. (Read: they can retire as bathroom books!). THE COOLEST COFFEE TABLE BOOKS AROUND


Taking a break from raving about where in DC you can stuff your face (and your pants) and going on and on about what to do with your free time to bring you a dose of inspiration and something that hits home (pun totally intended). There are, unfortunately, many things in the world that tug at the heartstrings and well up the eyes – and homelessness is among them. Everyone deserves a safe place to rest at the end of the day. A warm bed. A tiny corner to call their own. While this, among many other things, is never a guarantee, we are lucky to have so many unique programs and initiatives fighting modern-day homelessness with impressive determination. I’VE GOT YOUR SIX: HELP FOR HOMELESS VETERANS


If you’ve lived in DC for long enough (or ever had a visitor), you’ve seen the sights. You know what the White House looks like, you’ve ran your fingers over the Vietnam Veteran’s memorial, you’ve seen Lincoln gazing over you in morning, afternoon, and nighttime lighting. And if you take one more Instagram of a cherry blossom you will for sure lose some random followers you know from your college days. So, if you’ve gone down the tourist’s must-do list and checked it twice, that leaves you with two options: keep eating brunch until your pants don’t fit or check out some of the more obscure offerings within DC’s reach. Since in my experience one can only eat so much French toast (I have my limits), let’s assume you want to look at the other options. After all, French toast will always be there for you… OBSCURE WAYS TO SPEND A SATURDAY IN DC


blackSo, you’re faced with another weekend in DC. What to do, what to do…

It’s no secret that DC has a world-class, foodie-approved list of things that you could fill a Friday night with. It’s also no secret that the best of that list involves alcoholic beverages. But sometimes, you want a little something different. Sometimes you don’t want to drop in at the neighborhood watering hole that is generous enough to offer PBR and a shot of house vodka for $5.00. Sometimes Tinder seems both mentally exhausting and indicative of having one finger that is just way more overworked than the others. Sometimes you want to swipe left on what you know and try something a little different. Enter DC’s speakeasy scene. HUSH, HUSH: DC’S BEST SPEAKEASIES


Valentine’s Day: Whether you bask in the glory that is an excuse to eat every piece of chocolate in sight or meet it like a mortal enemy who dares bring up that this is the fourth year in a row you’re spent single, eating Chinese food in your pajamas, it’s here again. There’s no avoiding it, so you might as well greet it will killer plans and a resolve to have a good time – even if it is just in the company of your cat. SINGLE ON VALENTINE’S DAY IN THE DISTRICT: A SURVIVAL GUIDE