If you haven’t skipped out on a stark hotel room and opted for the cozy, home-team advantage of an Airbnb, you might want to reconsider your on-the-road rituals. After all, Airbnb has gone above and beyond to solidify their network of eager hosts as a great way for anyone to see cities near and far as a local –– and in the comfort of a home, rather than beneath scratchy hotel sheets and fluorescent lighting. So often, we think about where to go when you’re escaping your home, but what about how you can put your house to work for you? HOW TO AIRBNB YOUR PLACE LIKE A PRO


If you don’t have an app, are you even a business? In all honestly, apps, though they sound fancy and sophisticated, aren’t right for every business model. But for many, they offer a modern, unique way to interact with both current and potential customers. However, for smaller businesses, the act of building an app can be daunting…and way too expensive. Hiring an agency to perfect a digital endeavor can be a kind of business pipe dream. Luckily, there’s a DC-based startup working hard behind the scenes to bring apps down to earth and make them a possibility for all businesses –– or at least most. DC STARTUP SPOTLIGHT: HATCH


As the nation’s capitol, DC has naturally become a hub for innovation, startups, and businesses with backbone. We’re constantly pushing the conversation, and proud of it. While our scene is full of some of your “typical” startups (side note: can a startup actually be typical?) such as software companies, tech companies, and non-profits, we also continue to have folks push the envelope as entrepreneurs in other, more out-of-the-box areas. One example is a local startup catering exclusively to women: Girls’ Night In. DC STARTUP SPOTLIGHT: GIRLS’ NIGHT IN


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Whether you’ve been in business yourself as an entrepreneur, been the part of a startup team, or felt the load of the workforce in general, I think we can all agree: an extra helping hand is almost always welcome. But finding the extra help when you need it (and when your team can’t afford to bring someone in permanently) can be a daunting task. In steps (dun, dun, dun)…freelancers! The problem, however, is that a quality, reliable freelancer is kind of like a unicorn in the workforce. You want to believe they exist, and you’re almost certain you saw one with your own eyes once, but you were probably just a little tipsy and delirious at a happy hour that you didn’t have time for, wishing one into existence. DC (-ISH) STARTUP SPOTLIGHT: MOONLIGHTING


Okay, so January may have come and gone without any major strides toward your New Year’s goal, but make no mistake: this can still be your year. Even if you’re dedicated to eating healthy, choking down Brussels sprouts and passing up the cookies, it can still be hard to find the time to cook real food. Or, maybe you have the time, but everything you make tastes bland which ultimately leads you right back to your takeout-eating ways. In enters modern convenience, a savior of sorts: meal delivery services. This saves you both from doing meal prep and also from pretending you’re going to eat the plain (now soggy) sweet potatoes and chicken that you made four days ago instead of giving in to lunch with coworkers. It’s a chance to be healthy, stay sane, and eat food that you actually want –– a trifecta worthy of dreams. HEALTHY EATS IN DC: MEAL DELIVERY SERVICE


Whether you’re a soccer fan rooting for the home team or just an innocent bystander to the city’s work to step up their sports game, you’ve probably heard that there’s a new stadium coming to town. DC United, our very own pro soccer club, is long overdue to kick the ball around on their new turf, called Audi Field, a project which has been in the making for quite some time (read: longer than originally anticipated). DC DEVELOPMENT(S): AUDI FIELD


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As I’ve gotten older, the “checklist” I have for every apartment, home, or real estate hunt has shifted ever so slightly. Now, instead of my only criteria being that it fits within my budget and doesn’t look like the ceiling fan will decapitate me when I’m least expecting it, I get to be a little bit pickier. I can hold out for something with exposed brick or that’s walkable to a hip bar where I can spend way too much money or a place where there’s a doorman dedicated to receiving my amazon prime packages promptly (and without judgment). Looking to some of DC’s latest developments, I’d probably even be prompted to hold out for an apartment that sits comfortably atop a Whole Foods, so I can buy organic cheese puffs and whole trade chocolate that I can’t afford at a moment’s notice. I’m talking of course, about a development nearby Howard University at 965 Florida Ave. NW: The Wren. DC DEVELOPMENT(S): THE WREN