While it is hard believe after we all watched on in horror as flurries of white fell gracefully from the sky this past week, the calendar doesn’t lie: spring is here. Soon, Old Man Winter will give up on terrorizing us with blustery winds and cold fronts, and warm weather will swoop in to save our souls. Or at least, that’s the kind of hope I’ve been clinging to as I cocoon under every blanket I own night after night. Spring brings more than sunshine, blooms, open-toed shoes, and wheezing, though. It also brings one of the cities best food options out of hibernation. Yes, that’s right, with warmer weather, the cities’ wheels start turning, delicious smells start wafting through 70-degree air, and food trucks are back in season. DC FOOD TRUCKS WORTH TRACKING DOWN


Okay, so maybe it’s not necessarily summer as of yet — but a girl can dream can’t she!? Plus that GIF of Stewie from Family Guy just made me chuckle so I had to choose it for this despite it’s fairly loose relevence.

Trust me, you’re happy. You know you like it!

Alas — I digress, the spring/summer hybrid is officially in full swing. I know this because I put on my parka to go outside to walk my dog and was met with a bunch of hipsters dressed in shorts, boat shoes and Raybans.

Needless to say I immediately regressed back into my dark lair of writer solitude. YOUR WARM WEATHER WEEKEND HITLIST