71jnsrxt5gl-_sl1468_There’s a lot of talk about “fakeness” coming out of the White House these days, but did you know that there’s a Fake White House?  There are several of them, in fact.  And I’m not talking about the Secret Service’s planned replica in Beltsville.  I’m talking about actual houses that private citizens built for the purpose of living in, that also look identical to the seat of the US government.  THE FAKEST FAKE WHITE HOUSES

“Behind the quaint brick facade of this Capitol Hill home is a marvel of modern technology, a fully-customizable home environment that you can control with your phone from anywhere in the world. Think of the possibilities. If you and your significant other are out late at the opera or something, you can use your phone to make sure the kids are in bed on time, and, if you see them reading under the covers with a flashlight, send a powerful electrical shock through their mattress to let them know that Mommy is ALWAYS watching.”


PGN rendering of Pennsylvania Avenue development project between partners, Perseus Realty and Javelin19.

“It’s been a long time coming…” — Sam Cooke

Big news and big change are making its way to the historic Capitol Hill district.

Back in October 2015, Perseus Realty partnered with Javelin19 Investments to shell out 5.7 million dollars to acquire a hefty slice of property located on Pennsylvania Ave SE in the historic Capitol Hill District. This block has been home to local and family-owned shops like, Frager’s Hardware, which has been in operation since 1920. FLAMED-OUT FRAGER’S GETS A 30-UNIT, MIXED-USE MAKEOVER



The models stand topless (and nearly bottomless) in front of a room full of people, their skin the canvas for the artists of DC Creators.

Tonight’s theme is superheroes, and the models are getting decked out in strapless bustiers and thick, black chokers. If you thought Wonder Woman or Catwoman looked like their get-ups were painted on, these liquid costumes are the real deal.

The event is called Winter Soulstice, a body painting dance pARTy for models, painters and shutters, and it’s hosted by DC Creators. NUDITY? PSHAW! PEOPLE COME FOR THE ART!