We can talk about jobs and tax bases and housing prices until we’re blue in the face, but the fact is, the history of Amazon headquarters – admittedly a sample size of only one – paints a pretty dreary picture.  It’s nearly impossible to find anyone in Seattle who thinks the city is better off since Amazon set up shop there.  People who grew up in Seattle or used to live there in the pre-Amazon era talk about the city like a terminally ill friend:  is it as terrible as I’ve heard?  Are there any good days anymore?  Should I visit and see the sad reality, or just preserve my memories of the good times?  There’s been a mass exodus of Seattle artists and musicians – you know, the people who put Seattle on the map in the first place – to Portland, California, and New York.  When I met a Seattle native recently, I mentioned a bar I used to go to when I visited my sister, who lived there for a decade.  He grimaced and said, “it’s ruined now.  The whole city’s ruined.” DOES DC *REALLY* WANT TO WIN AMAZON’S HQ2?