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The summer mood is here, with DC’s patios in full swing, beers on tap, and vacations to the beach booked. Everyone’s happy (well, everyone will be happy, once it stops raining). But even though we’ve all been collectively aching for summer, it won’t be long before the drawn out whines of “I’m ready for summer” and “ I just want it to be warm out” will be replaced with the stifling realization that “ugh, it’s too hot out!” So, once you get over the replenishment of Vitamin D, it’s safe to say that you might be searching high and low for sunscreen or a fun way to escape summer’s sweat. What better way to stay cool (and cultured) then checking out an exhibit? ON EXHIBITION: NAKED EYES, CELEBRATION OF LIGHT


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Whether you’ve been in business yourself as an entrepreneur, been the part of a startup team, or felt the load of the workforce in general, I think we can all agree: an extra helping hand is almost always welcome. But finding the extra help when you need it (and when your team can’t afford to bring someone in permanently) can be a daunting task. In steps (dun, dun, dun)…freelancers! The problem, however, is that a quality, reliable freelancer is kind of like a unicorn in the workforce. You want to believe they exist, and you’re almost certain you saw one with your own eyes once, but you were probably just a little tipsy and delirious at a happy hour that you didn’t have time for, wishing one into existence. DC (-ISH) STARTUP SPOTLIGHT: MOONLIGHTING


If you’ve ever left home, even for a second, you recognize that being home is the best. Leaving home means that you’re without the comfort of your own four walls, not to mention all of your stuff. Whether you’re parting ways with the roof over your head for a quick trip to the grocery store, work, or even vacation – it’s all too soon before you realize, time and time again, that there’s no place like home. But what if you could take home with you? And I’m not talking about stuffing all your favorite stuff into a suitcase and then acting surprised when you have to pay half of your mortgage to ***actually*** take it on a plane. No, I’m talking about a new era of mobile homes. THE ULTIMATE MOBILE HOME: A HOUSE THAT FOLDS AND UNFOLDS ITSELF


With more and more people finally taking to Fleetwood Mac’s advice and “going their own way,” co-working and incubator spaces are in high demand. However, for some, they can be a stressful bill to pay and more of a hindrance than a help. A workspace is only as good as the work that gets done (and the coffee that gets downed) in it, after all. While DC has no shortage of co-working  and incubator opportunities meant for both small, start-up businesses and solo workers, there is one that just recently hit the scene with a unique mission. IN3: DC’S INCLUSIVE INNOVATION INCUBATOR