A recent story reporting that the District has the most spare bedrooms of any city in the US made perfect sense;  DC also seems to have the most Airbnb listings, too.  The startup, now worth $30 billion (!), has been instrumental in helping people monetize their extra space;  I did it myself for several years, when I lived alone in a two-bedroom in Shaw, only to get hit with a huge tax bill after I forgot (okay, “forgot”) to declare the extra income on my taxes.  I never had any negative experiences, and in that respect I was lucky, because when Airbnb rentals go wrong, they tend to go extremely wrong.  Let’s have a few schadenfreudian chuckles at some of the most colorful Airbnb disasters from the past few years, in DC and elsewhere. LANDLORDS BEWARE: THE WORST AIRBNB DISASTERS EVER