Artists are spunky. No two are the same, and that’s the way it should be. Due to distinct personalities and interpretations of the world around them, artists often take on seemingly similar projects and come up with ending results that are, far and wide, on opposite ends of the spectrum. As a mode of art, architecture is the same way. Each architecture firm has their own style, their own portfolio – their own spin on the way four walls come together and put a roof over our heads. DC’s architects are no different, and that’s why this series is so fun. Today’s post will feature KUBE Architecture, a modern architecture studio based in the District. DC ARCHITECTURE SPOTLIGHT: KUBE


Spring, despite playing hard-to-get with us while chilling with Old Man Winter and giggling at our desperation for a hint of hope (no really – any indication) that warmth was on the horizon, it seems, is finally here to stay. It’s done toying with our heart strings and torturing us with its coyness. No, now, it seems, Spring wants to come in, pollen blazing, and act as if it never was acting all weird to begin with. COOK LOCAL: LOCAL FARMS TO FREQUENT IN THE WARMER MONTHS


If you haven’t skipped out on a stark hotel room and opted for the cozy, home-team advantage of an Airbnb, you might want to reconsider your on-the-road rituals. After all, Airbnb has gone above and beyond to solidify their network of eager hosts as a great way for anyone to see cities near and far as a local –– and in the comfort of a home, rather than beneath scratchy hotel sheets and fluorescent lighting. So often, we think about where to go when you’re escaping your home, but what about how you can put your house to work for you? HOW TO AIRBNB YOUR PLACE LIKE A PRO


If you don’t have an app, are you even a business? In all honestly, apps, though they sound fancy and sophisticated, aren’t right for every business model. But for many, they offer a modern, unique way to interact with both current and potential customers. However, for smaller businesses, the act of building an app can be daunting…and way too expensive. Hiring an agency to perfect a digital endeavor can be a kind of business pipe dream. Luckily, there’s a DC-based startup working hard behind the scenes to bring apps down to earth and make them a possibility for all businesses –– or at least most. DC STARTUP SPOTLIGHT: HATCH



If you hear church bells ringing, it might be no more than an echo. Okay, that might be a tad dramatic –– there are plenty of places of worship untouched by DC’s growing pains. Still though, it’s only right to acknowledge that as development creeps up in unsuspecting corners, some of DC’s establishments get pushed out. That is the case as The Perla, one of DC’s developments in the works, comes to fruition in the heart of Shaw. DC DEVELOPMENT(S): THE PERLA


While it is hard believe after we all watched on in horror as flurries of white fell gracefully from the sky this past week, the calendar doesn’t lie: spring is here. Soon, Old Man Winter will give up on terrorizing us with blustery winds and cold fronts, and warm weather will swoop in to save our souls. Or at least, that’s the kind of hope I’ve been clinging to as I cocoon under every blanket I own night after night. Spring brings more than sunshine, blooms, open-toed shoes, and wheezing, though. It also brings one of the cities best food options out of hibernation. Yes, that’s right, with warmer weather, the cities’ wheels start turning, delicious smells start wafting through 70-degree air, and food trucks are back in season. DC FOOD TRUCKS WORTH TRACKING DOWN


Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 2.44.06 PM.png

Another day, another development taking shape in the streets of DC. So many projects that have been humming along in the background for some time now are finally (almost) ready to make their debuts. One of the most striking and exciting developments that’s just about ready to hit the DC scene is Columbia Place. If the name sounds familiar, it might be because of how long the papers have been penning about this place and the wheels have been turning on this idea, it would seem it already exists. But no –– in fact, Columbia Place is just coming into its own. DC DEVELOPMENT(S): COLUMBIA PLACE