Hello, Valentine’s Day –– we meet again. I’ve never been a huge Valentine’s Day girl. I mean, don’t get me wrong –– I used to love in grade school when it was a free for all as far as eating chocolate, hoping that my crush was going to suddenly come to their senses and love me, and all of the pre-bought store notes from classmates that were required, not warranted. However, in adulthood, I’ve certainly found myself on the more cynical side of the Valentine’s Day equation. I mean, how many burpees do I need to do to work off an entire heart filled with chocolates? And why is the ratio of good chocolates to nasty, cherry goop filled chocolates so askew? Also, why can’t I just go ahead and buy my own chocolates if I have to blatantly remind my husband that it’s Valentine’s Day anyway? Sigh. VERY, EXTREMELY, INSANELY LAST-MINUTE VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT IDEA


If you haven’t already been following along, you might not know that in recent months, I’ve been exploring the who’s who and what’s what of architecture in DC. I mean, we all know DC is home to some interesting architecture – both modern-day, historical, and just about every era and style in between. But who is behind the city’s walls? The city’s streets? Who has planned them, brick by brick and stone by stone? The answers I have been looking for, of course, are long-winded and multi-dimensional. But, today, I will shine the spotlight on at least one piece of the puzzle: CORE Architecture Group. DC ARCHITECTURE SPOTLIGHT: CORE



It’s summer and while the birds are chirping, the hammers are also swinging. If you didn’t catch my drift, let me put it simply: it’s construction season. Homes are being built from scratch, buildings are being flipped, and developments are being made. All in all, pretty exciting stuff! It’s fun to imagine what the raw beams will look like when they are done up from the outside and what kind of folks will live inside the walls that do not yet have ceilings. What fights over what’s for dinner will end predictably in Chipotle food babies and what Pinterest fails might take place upon move in…the future is bright! DC DEVELOPMENT(S): STRAND THEATER RENOVATION