Trump’s Wealthy Cabinet Has Local Real Estate Agents Jockeying for Position  [Bloomberg]  Not gonna lie, for a seven-figure commission, I might consider throwing on a ridiculous stars-and-stripes outfit to close the deal.

Truxton Circle Residents Sue to Block Co-Living Space  [Washington City Paper]   A war between NIMBYs and irritating start-up millennials is really the definition of a lose-lose for the rest of us.

Nine Facts You May Not Know About the Southwest Waterfront  [DCist]  They left out, “It smells like when you open your backpack and you realize you accidentally left your wet beach towel in there over the weekend.”

China’s Road-Straddling Bus Is Now a Roadblock  [Mental Floss]  It was never even real!  It was just a one-off demo for a fundraising swindle.  This is like an “Ocean’s Eleven” sequel written by Jill Stein and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

The Architecture of Evil: Film’s Best Megacorporation HQs  [99 Percent Invisible]  This article about made-up dystopian evil buildings includes a photo of the former Brutalist FBI building downtown.  What better reason to preserve it as-is than “it’s literally been mistaken for a comic book supervillain’s fortress”?

Houses On Mars Will Be Made of Ice  []  And dome-shaped.  The only logical conclusion here is that Eskimos are descended from aliens.


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