House Hunting In Lithuania  [The New York Times]  We can get so caught up in tracking the gentrification of blocks and neighborhoods that we forget that there are entire countries being gentrified …

A Map of Everywhere In DC Where Someone Hailed a Cab In 2016  [Greater Greater Washington]  Okay, is this the most exciting interactive map ever?  No.  But looking at this is better than doing actual work.

The Luxe Mansions of Trump’s Cabinet Picks  [Mansion Global]   There are two basic attitudes about the wealthy:  some people think the rich got that way because they’re special and better than the rest of us, and others think they got rich because they’re venal and worse than the rest of us.  We may be about to see which school of thought is closest to the truth.

San Diego Stole DC’s White Christmas  [NBC4]  They can have it.

Trump’s New Trade Czar Opposed Real Estate Development  [Washington Examiner]  On one hand, it’s kind of weird for a White House “trade czar” to be anti-development, but on the other hand, it may be the least weird thing about the entire administration.  (Gulp.)

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