Quebec’s Hottest Listing Is An Entire Fake Village  [Atlas Obscura]  Ooh, my ex and her friends should live there, it would be perfect for them.

DC’s Most Expensive Home Raises Price After Languishing On Market  [Urban Turf DC]  This is sort of like being single for a year and a half and then announcing that you’ll now only consider dating 10s.

What Should Happen to the Former Fannie Mae Building?  [DCist]  The developers, who paid $90 million for the property, are now reaching out to the community for suggestions.  Put me down for “indoor waterpark,” please.

These Real Estate Agents Are Selling $6 Million Apartments Via Snapchat  [CNBC]  I feel like stories like this will only be clickbait-y for a few more years.  A good friend of mine met, wooed, and proposed to his wife all entirely over social media; it won’t be long before literally everything happens over the internet.

This Russian Lake Is So Polluted That Spending An Hour There Would Kill You  [The Vintage News]  Trying so so hard not to make an Anacostia River joke …

Is Vertical Urban Farming the Future of Food Production?  [The New Yorker]  Not unless you can grow Arby’s curly fries up there.

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