Real Estate Industry Smells Money In Marijuana Legalization  [Marketplace]  The value of agricultural land sextupled overnight in some California counties that legalized it.  My parents own hundreds of acres of near-worthless farmland in Iowa;  I should start lobbying the state government there to legalize it so I can become a wholesome rural Midwestern drug lord.

Damien Hirst Forced to Abandon Plans for Eco-Housing Development  [Artnet]  The fact that this rich and famous artist planned to build a green housing development makes me guilty about the kinds of things I fantasize about doing if I was a rich and famous artist.

Zoning Board to Reconsider McMillan Redevelopment In March Hearing  [Urban Turf DC]  I feel like someone in the city government finally realized that a park there would make home values rise a lot more than a big glass and steel mixed-use blah blah blah.

Alabama’s Worst McMansions  [McMansion Hell]  Why do I feel like a post about Alabama’s best McMansions would be just as hilarious?

Jeff Bezos Was the Anonymous Buyer Who Bought the Most Expensive House In DC  [Washington Post]  Come on, is this really a surprise?  Who else in DC is going to buy a $20 million house in cash?  I bet even the Obamas got a mortgage.

DC’s Affluent Millennials Clustered Around Green Line  [Washington Business Journal]  This is such sweet revenge to the people who turned up their noses at my Shaw address a decade ago, because “the Red Line is the only acceptable train to live near.”

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