The Pancakes & Booze Art Show

Tonight l 7 pm-2am

You had me at pancakes, you had me at booze, you had me at art show.  I plan on being there to literally soak it all in. Here is what the Pancakes & Booze Art Show is all about.

WHAT: Pancakes & Booze Art Show: Over 100 emerging artists showcasing their hottest work in a Warhol-style, anything-goes, massive warehouse environment–live music, body painting, multimedia displays, and FREE pancakes! The show originated in 2009 in Los Angeles and since has popped up more than 200 times in 30 cities around the world. Each show draws as many as 1000 guests throughout the night. – Pancakes & Booze Art Show 

VIP tickets are sold out but you can still get tickets at the door for $5 with cash. However, they are expecting a massive crowd, more than the venue can legally handle at one time so my advice is get there early (or late-late) so you can get in.  Here’s a little more info.

They are only here for one night but they go everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Look at where they’ll be in the near future!

Image result for washington auto show

Washington, DC Auto Show

January 27th-February 5th

There’s something for everyone here in our excellent city.  For care lovers, it’s your turn to be pampered. says it best in their “11 Reasons to Attend the Washington Auto Show” article. There is seriously a lot going on at this show and it isn’t all about cars.

Adult tickets are $12, children are $5 and there are VIP tickets for certain shows still available for $40. That’s a pretty cheap and fun way to spend a day looking at fast metal machines.

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