Chemists Discover Blue Pigment That Cools Buildings  [Arch Daily]  Will it save me money on my air conditioning bills if I just apply it directly to my body?

Arlington Vetoes the Georgetown Gondola  [Urban Turf DC]  If you read between the lines, they didn’t really veto the gondola as much as they vetoed paying for half of it.

Wizards Player Sues Landlord  [Washington Post]  To be honest, if I made $22 million a year, I’d probably sue people for anything and everything.  I’d sue you for reading this sentence.

These Robots Will Soon Deliver Food to Your DC Doorstep  [DCist]  It may lead to a takeover of the planet by sentient awakened worker bots, but if it gets me out of interacting with a real person, I’m all for it.

This Paris Fixer-Upper Is Only (?) 880K Euros  [Messy Nessy Chic]  I don’t know why, but I assumed every house in Paris was like $10 million.  Then again, even 880K is a lot to pay to live around people who will point at your pants and hairstyle and openly laugh.

A $53 Million Sale In Wyoming  [Forbes]  Wyoming is beautiful, but also possibly the dullest place on earth.  I hope that $53 million property included a pinball machine or something.

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