Could the Entire Human Race Fit Into a Single Building?  [Citylab]  I’m pretty sure the entire human race packs onto the Red Line every day at rush hour.

Virginia Chocolate Shop’s White Nationalist Neighbor Is Ruining Their Business  [Washington Business Journal]  Neighbors can be a drag, man.  My neighbors were grinning ear-to-ear when I finally moved out of my falling-apart Shaw rowhouse that had been dragging their property values down for almost a decade.  Give me credit though, at least I was no neo-Nazi.

DC’s Reefer Parties  [Urban Turf DC]  Getting high in a crowd of strangers while a DJ “spins” “hip” “tunes” and the vague possibility of a police raid hangs over everything is literally my personal definition of hell.  But hey, whatever floats your boat.

2016 Rio Olympics Buildings Have Already Been Looted and Abandoned  [Arch Daily]  You know when the next Olympics selection frenzy gets going, DC is going to be lobbying hard again.  Take a long look at these photos and ask yourselves if hosting the Olympics is a good thing.

Earthships: the Ultimate Off-Grid Houses  [Atlas Obscura]  I’m sure these houses are inexpensive, sustainable, and surprisingly energy efficient, but they’re also the sort of place that, when you take someone home from the bar, they take one look at it and then sprint back to their car.

This $6.9 Million Villa Comes With a Tropical Island  [Bloomberg]  This is what people mean when they say the rich get tons of free stuff even though they need it the least.  “Hey, if you’re buying the house, I’ll just throw in the island for free.”

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