43 Giant Presidential Heads Are Hidden In a Virginia Field  [Mental Floss]  A massive sculpture of George W. Bush’s head is just the kind of hilarious hyper-ironic white elephant gift I would buy my friends, if I won the lottery.

7 Charming Off-Grid Homes for a Rent-Free Life  [Inhabitat]  You could get out of paying bills by moving into one of these off-grid houses, or you could do what I do, and just not pay your bills.

A Land Trust Aims to Preserve Affordability In Anacostia  [Urban Turf DC]  Massive world-class park coming soon + restricted housing supply = if you don’t buy real estate in Anacostia right now, you actively don’t want to be rich.

The Beauty of Abandoned Yugoslavian Monuments  [Arch Daily]  What does it mean that I find decrepit, abandoned monuments much more interesting than regular, active monuments?  (Am I a monument goth?)

Ben Carson Buys $1.3 Million Home In Vienna  [Washingtonian]  Well yeah, if you’re rich, why wouldn’t you buy a house in Vienna?  It’s a breathtaking city, and Austria is one of the most culturally rich countries in – oh, wait.

Contractor Guts Wrong House  [The Star-Telegram]  I’d like to think that if this happened to me, and I came home and my house was completely stripped because a contractor misread an address, I would still be able to laugh about it.

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