Tokyo’s Abandoned Botanical Garden Looks Like Jurassic Park  [Messy Nessy Chic] If there’s no shirtless Jeff Goldblum, it’s not Jurassic Park.

Rex Tillerson Just Bought a House In Kalorama  [Washingtonian]  “Oh hello, Barack, what a crazy coincidence running into you during your nightly stroll.  But hey, since we’re already talking, what would you do, theoretically, about this whole North Korea thing?  Hold on, talk a little slower, I can’t write that fast ….”

6 Low-Cost Ways to Activate Underused Urban Space  [Arch Daily]  Taking away all the anti-loitering spikes on every sittable surface would be a good start.

DC Residents Can Save 36% On Rent By Living With a Roommate  [Urban Turf DC]  If you’re not the only person on the lease and renting to your roommate for 70% of the rent, you’re doing it wrong.  (Just don’t do it secretly.  Be up front about it.  “I’m poor and there are two dozen other Craigslist people who will take this deal in the blink of an eye” usually works pretty well.)

US Crackdown On Money-Laundering In Luxury Real Estate Set to End  [Mansion Global]  There are two ways to look at this:  “what a shameful return to a corrupt era” or “time to start selling drugs and park all my cash in Miami condos.”

Check Out the DC Mansion of BET’s CEO  [Washington Business Journal]  It’s now the 3rd most expensive listing in the District.  Now taking bets on which Cabinet member buys it.

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