Can DC’s Homeless Live In Discarded Metro Cars?  [Citylab]  They’re like shipping container homes that come with windows and wall-to-wall carpeting.

The Case for Attending Your Local ANC Meetings  [DCist]  The rumors are true:  lots of eccentrics attend ANC meetings. I once went to one where an old guy brought a hand-drawn presentation about angels.

DC Continues to Convert Offices Into Residential Buildings  [Urban Turf DC]  This is a no-brainer.  The average office has more light and better views and location than all but the best homes.

A Heartfelt Letter Clinches a Real Estate Deal  [The New York Times]  If it came down to writing a heartfelt emotional letter to get a huge discount on my dream home, or just paying extra, I think I’d rather just pay extra.  That’s just me though.

Check Out This Recordbreaking $42 Million SF Condo  [Curbed SF]  The thing I never understood was that if you can afford a $42 million condo, you can afford to perpetually live in a luxury suite in the Hilton, which is like a $42 million condo, but with complementary maid service and a 24 hour concierge.

Why Are Real Estate Funds Sitting On Billions of Dollars  [Forbes]  Apparently there are no properties that are more appealing than just sitting on a pile of money and doing nothing.  Is this one of the warning signs of a bubble?

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