The Decline of DC Murals  [Curbed DC]  This makes me sad.  In my mind, the essence of DC is murals, go-go music, half-smokes, and white dudes in salmon shorts who are like, “back off bro, my dad’s a lawyer.”

Ivanka’s Secret Service Detail Is Irritating Her Neighbors  [Washington Post]  There’s nothing more predictable than the neighbors complaining about incoming administration members’ Secret Service presence.  And while I’m sure Ivanka’s parking situation is legitimately annoying – ten cars?! – I do think it’s amusing that so many of the on-the-record complaining neighbors are former Obama administration people.

How the World’s First Cities Began  [Citylab]  I’m assuming it had something to do with weed delivery.

The Government Is Looking for People to Stay In This Creepy Ghost Town  [The Vintage News]  This sounds like the setup for the stupidest low budget “found footage” movie of all time.

This Is the Best-Designed Small Town In the U.S.  [Architectural Digest]  Whenever I look at picturesque small towns like this, the first thing I think is that if I even stopped for gas here, the cops would immediately throw me in jail for vagrancy.

You Could Own This Spice Girl’s $9M Mansion  [Page Six]   Apparently she’s so eager to sell, that she’s throwing in all the furniture.  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like to go over a Spice Girl’s furniture with a UV light.

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