Just when you thought I couldn’t talk about the Yayoi Kusama exhibit anymore — some jerk went and did the absolute most mega adorable gesture on the planet and — surprise! We’re back!

As if the bar hasn’t been set high enough for all my poor menfolk out there — some dude went and just completely crushed any hope you had for normalcy and the mundane in your private love lives.

So get to work! Because a local man by the name of AJ just spawned a collective sigh of envy and adorableness across the DC metro area and pretty much has every woman on the planet swooning. Behold — America’s sweethearts (at least for the next fifteen minutes).

Can you say #pukingrainbows? I mean seriously — is this couple not absolutely disgustingly adorable?! We can’t look away and it’s literally sickening.

Unless you’ve been living under a West Virginia backwoods rock, you’ve heard of the crazy popular Yayoi Kusama art exhibit that has hit the Hirshorn and taken the city of Washington, DC by storm. Every magazine periodical and news outlet on the planet has covered this artistic attraction which has set historical highs in terms of attendance and activity for the local museum and sculpture garden. Individuals are lining up hours in advance for showings and tickets are selling like hot cakes.

Fast forward a few days after the opening and one lovely gem of a bystander went and broke one of the ridiculously high priced sculptures in his attempt to fulfill  NYMag’s prophecy of this year’s “most instagrammable” exhibit. How did they do this you asked? Oh — taking a selfie.

And just when you thought an additional posting on this topic by an art crazed blogger couldn’t be more possible — someone went and made my dreams of never ending gab on art-related subjects possible by going and doing an unthinkable act! — Proposing (#lesigh).

A little piece of me literally just died — and I mean that in the sweetest way possible (ignores husband for the next week).

So back to how you are totally slacking in the relationship department. While you’ve been busy logging in bro time on your Playstation and treating your lady friend to high-priced Chinese takeout, this fella here just literally made his woman’s proposal instafamous.

Quite arguably the most important day of this woman’s life is forever going to be solidified across the interwebs (love that word — totally made up) published everywhere from the Washingtonian to….UrbanScrawl…okay…we thought there would definitely be more feed out there on this momentous event and that lead up was a bit anti-climactic — but you get the gist.

Life goals people — LIFE GOALS.

This guy proposed to his woman in a room called “The Soul of Millions of Light Years Away”.


On top of this, the couple has been together since they were young kids with the fiancé planning out the special occasion meticulously with a professional photographer.

His soon to be wife, Jan details their journey from friends to life partners:

“AJ and I met as 18-year-olds and just as we were beginning a new, adventurous chapter of our lives. We became close friends over the years by exploring backcountry sporting trips, our deep appreciation for the arts, and community projects. In 2014 and after four years of friendship, AJ confessed that he had feelings for me from the very start. We began dating and since then have continued to seek out exciting experiences.”

She then goes on to elaborate, “As we disappeared into the mirrored black space, AJ promised that regardless of the time, place, or reality that we would always be happy together. He then asked me to be his life partner, and I said yes!”

Uhm — can someone please let me know where on God’s green earth she got those boots from because they are needed in my life.

How can you top this!?

Answer: YOU CAN’T! ((Cue existential quarter-life crisis))

You literally may as well throw in the towel and succumb to a life of perpetual bachelorhood. Just give up (kidding — you is smart, you is kind, you is important).

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