Two Free DC Rowhouses – To Go  [Urban Turf DC]  The only catch is that you have to relocate the houses elsewhere.  It would be a great prank to pay someone to move them to your ex’s front yard.

The Misery of Living In a Construction Zone  [Washington Post]   Pretty sure the first time I reconsidered the idea that we live in a just, orderly universe was when I woke up one day to find out that the city was going to be jackhammering my street for the entire summer.

What Happens When You Vandalize An Architectural Masterpiece?  [Arch Daily]  We’ve already had $425 pre-mud-stained jeans; can a pre-grafitti’d mansion be far behind?

This LA Condo Complex Offers Botox Bars and Robot Butlers  [Hollywood Reporter]  I didn’t think we would ever surpass “in-house pet grooming service” for Most Unbearable Building Amenity, but I think “Botox Bar” is giving it some real competition.

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