The Average One Bedroom Apartment In DC Costs Over $2,100 a Month  [Curbed DC]  I just spit out my drink, took another drink, and then spit out that drink too.

Woodley Park Penthouse Nearly Sells for Near-Record Amount  [Washington Business Journal]  Man, you know you’re rich when you form an LLC just to buy a condo.

Seven Architectural Experiments That Failed Spectacularly  [Arch Daily]   One of these places looks exactly like the inside of every Metro station.  That’s all I’m saying.

Human Drivers Are Holding Back Self-Driving Cars  [Associated Press]  I don’t believe all you stubborn meat-based control freaks would actually rather drive your own car instead of getting two hours of extra sleep in the backseat while a computer drives.  I think it’s just one of those things, like smartphones in 2005 or something, that seems really weird at first, but then once everyone else starts doing it, you’re like, “you still drive your own car?  Come on, it’s 2019, bro!”

$12K a Month to Live In … Shaw?  [Washington City Paper]  It seriously wasn’t that long ago that $12K would’ve paid my rent in Shaw for over two years.  (Admittedly, one wall of my shower was just trash bags duct taped over bare bricks.)

Man Spends Four Years Building a Church Out of Living Trees  [Shareably]  Alternate headline:  “Man Has Too Much Spare Time.”  No seriously though, I won’t be impressed by your bamboo floors, your Italian marble countertops, your landscaped terraces, or your skylights, but if your house is made of living trees – tip of the cap to you, sir.

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