Buying Is 28% Cheaper Than Renting In DC  [Urban Turf DC]  I think it’s time for DC to have its own “the rent is too damn high” guy.  I’m predicting he’ll emerge during the next mayoral race.

Four Local Frank Lloyd Wright Homes to Check Out  [Curbed DC]  When I was a kid, my dad used to take me to see notable houses around our town.  My main memory of these outings is the residents of the house coming to their front window, seeing us out on the sidewalk staring at their house and talking in low voices, leaving the window, coming back to the window a minute or two later, and then making a show of dialing a number on their cordless phone and pretending to talk to someone.

DC’s Slumlord Problem Is Actually An Inspector Shortage  [Greater Greater Washington]  There are only 13 inspectors for the whole city, and each one of them does over a thousand inspectors a year.  If I was an enterprising, highly motivated tech bro, my takeaway from this would be that there’s an easy billion to be made from starting the Uber of home inspections.

Congress Heights Residents Uneasy About Development  [DCist]  You know gentrification is scary if neighborhood residents would rather keep their abandoned, haunted insane asylum over a brand new development.

Check Out Jared Leto’s Midcentury L.A. Home  [Lonny]  It’s a really nice house, but it’s so normal!  I was expecting fluorescent green carpet and mirrored ceilings or something.

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