Tyson’s Biergarten’s American Underground

Okay — we know what you’re thinking — ANOTHER biergarten!? There’s only maybe perhaps literally just about 1,260,372 per square block in DC and it’s kind of sort of getting yawn.

Now, don’t get us wrong–we love a good biergarten and have definitely enjoyed our fair share of Belgian and German delights — but yes, we can absolutely see how this can be less-than-riveting news to our fellow Washingtonians. However, this one is kinda sort of doing it a bit different and we’re loving the vibes.

So in case you missed it, Tysons Biergarten just had its grand reopening a couple of weekends ago and it’s kind of plastered all over the place.

Wait, did you just say reopening?

Why yes I did, I’m glad you asked.

Image courtesy of Tyson’s Biergarten

See, this trendy little bar cliche actually originally opened up their doors to the DC area in June of 2016. We were kind of excited — but then they went and proceeded to close down due to maintenance and renovation issues just six months later and we were all like  “But what is life?”

We were a bit surprised.

They seemed initially seemed start off on the right track with several  fun and catchy events such as their “Yappy Hour”, which was scheduled for July 4 where the restaurant teamed up with Ambassador Pitbull Alliance, encouraging patrons to bring their furry best friends to their pet friendly patio.

The establishment also hosted an IPA festival, a Euro Beer and Sausage Fest, Backgammon and Beer Nights, as well as an Oktoberfest evening titled American Tribute to German Style Beer Fest — how could that go wrong!? Sounded pretty awesome-fest.

So we have to admit, we were a bit bummed to see that they were closing down in December 2016, especially considering we kind of fell in love-lust with their uber trendy little gem of a basement bar by the name of  American Underground, which they characterized as their “take on a speak easy American sports bar with craft beers and whiskey”. The basement hangout featured 100 American craft beers, over half of which were local to the DMV area, as well as 50+ different types of whiskey including those from “Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and America “.

We likey.

Image courtesy of Tyson’s Biergarten

The setting was great and pulled upon traditional Prohibition-era speakeasies which came into prominence around the 1920s and featured paintings of Al Capone as well as nine HDTVs for you to chill out, relax and catch your favorite sports sesh.

So why exactly did they shut down? Well, according to management, the planned renovations apparently had taken much longer than initially anticipated and included a sprinkler system as well as various modifications to their basement area (bummer).

But nonetheless they are back in business ya’ll! So now that they’ve reopened, we are kind of like aw yeeeeeeah!! All throughout last week they had a very hush-hush soft open where they conducted staff training in the morning and prepared for the grand reopening on Saturday the 27th.

The event featured live music, corn hole, free giveaways with attendees receiving the opportunity to meet one-on-one with brewery representatives.

Image courtesy of Tyson’s Biergarten

…and if you were one of the chosen few, you were lucky enough to compete in their bar Olympics. Although heads up — we don’t know the name of the winner, but I’d like to buy them a beer.

Reviews are relatively mixed with Yelpers hitting it at around 3.5 out of 5 stars, Google reviewers ranking it at 4.2 stars out of 5 stars, and Facebook users marking it at the 4.4 mark. Those who praise it love their fine selection of beer and whiskey, the laid back atmosphere and the service withthe general consensus on their chips system of ordering things being split. Plainly put — some like it, with one Yelper calling it “simultaneously weird and awesome” — and some don’t, with other’s characterizing it as confusing — claiming it hems up the process of things.

So needless to say we have sky high hopes for the beer garden as they seem to be taking a rather nontraditional approach to things.

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