Robots Might Take Over Nearly All Real Estate Jobs  [Housing Wire]  I was going to say that there’s no way a computer program could do my job, but then I realized a computer program could totally do my  job, in a literal millisecond.  Do you want a humans vs. robots war?  Because this is how you get a humans vs. robots war.

DC Residents Need a $5K Raise This Year to Keep Pace With Rents  [DCist]  Failing that, I guess you could try and get your landlord to drop your annual rent by $5K by sending him photos of the black mold in your shower.  (Contact me to purchase photos of the black mold in my shower.)

DC Needs 127K More Apartments In the Next Thirteen Years  [Urban Turf DC]  The secret council of DC landlords just passed this article around the big round table in their underground headquarters, said “I guess we better build more apartments, or rents will go up!”  And then burst into laughter.

10 Modern Rooftops for Summertime Relaxing and Entertaining  [Dwell]  I’ve officially amended my “no new friends” policy to “no new friends, unless they have a green roof deck.”

This Three-Block-Wide Oakland Neighborhood Is the Hottest Market In the US  [Business Insider]  I kind of want to move here just because the name of the neighborhood sounds like a fake curse word that your religious uncle would use.  “Come on, you can’t bushrod a bushrodder!”

Ducks: A Point of Unity In a Bipartisan City  [New York Times]  Editor:  “We need a DC story that’s not about politics.  Whaddaya got?”  Reporter:  “………….. something about ducks?”

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