So were kind of upset right about now — borderline in mourning, okay. Being the uber sophisticated restaurant foodie-extraordinares that we are, we were very much looking forward to what was supposed to be this season’s hottest restaurant opening of Chef Spike Mendelsohn’s Morris inside of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. So we’re sure you can imagine our surprise when we coincidentally stumbled upon THIS:

What is going on here exactly Mr. Spike Mendelson!?!? For those of you who are currently unaware — Spike Lee and your favorite canine neighbor friend are not the sole rockers of this crafty moniker.

No, not at all my friends…

You see…there once was a man by the name of Spike Mendelsohn. He was a mighty man who hailed from our beloved land to rise above the masses and compete for the ever righteous title of…TOP CHEF.
That’s right, this guys been representing the DC area since 2008 when he was invited to participate on Top Chef: Chicago. Needless to say, he kind of killed it coming in at fourth place because — you know — Washingtonians just got it like that.
…And just when you thought Mr. Mendelson’s 15 minutes of fame were over you were sorely mistaken that you had any ounce of consolation about the sad state of your personal affairs. Mr. Mendelsohn was back at it again (nope – this time not with the white Vans) but Bravo TV’s Life After Top Chef, Top Chef: All-Stars, Iron Chef America and Spike TV’s Bar Rescue.
As if he couldn’t blow up any more Cosmopolitan magazine totally featured him for dating advice and their 2010 issue. COSMOPOLITAN! THIS MAN WAS IN COSMOPOLITAN FOR DATING ADVICE!!!
He’s been on TV shows galore as well — everything from Rachel Ray to CBS’s The Early Show to Good Morning America and even The View.
Fast forward a few years later and Mendelson’s opened up a handful of restaurants in the area including his family-owned and operated Good Stuff Eatery, Bearnaise and We, the Pizza. Then, word got around that he was opening up yet another establishment by the name of Morris after he traded The Sheppard over to his buddy ol’ pal David Strauss for safe keeping.
The Morris was the yang to the Sheppard’s yin; “…an ironic ode to Morris Sheppard, the Texas senator who penned the Prohibition amendment”. Nice.
It was  proposed to be twice as big and carry the same level of old-school swag and sophistication that the Shepherd is oh-so-well-known for. Think thick velvet drapes, candelabras, golden ornaments and jazz pianos. This was sure to be a golden nugget and was supposed to additionally “add a daytime coffee component before it’s nightly cocktail service”.
Then, just as soon as the phantasmic image of all of the old-school decadence and Roaring Twenties swagger you could fit inside an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel danced in our heads like sugarplum fairies — it was gone. Poof! In an instant…
That’s right.
One minute we’re opening in December, the next it’s late winter 2016, then we’re too busy chillin’ with Obama and getting featured in Politico for our dating lives, now we feel like a taqueria…WHEN is the madness going to end!?
Now, as we gaze through the interwebs of Google we are sad to say we see no more news of modern speakeasy goodness. No Great Gatsby Spike swagger. No more hilariously cute clown-nosed Twitter feed updates and we feel just kind of — empty and — betrayed. Yes we said it! Betrayed Mendelsohn!
One does not simply say they are going to open a super awesome modern speakeasy restaurant in the middle of DC and think that we will just “forget” about it.

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