Locals and Gentrifiers Collide On a Columbia Heights Soccer Field  [DCist]  Maybe the most shining glorious time in my life was the year I played pickup soccer every day on an informal field in a cemetery.  If someone had tried to take our field away, it would’ve been like the end of “Frankenstein,” when all the villagers assemble with pitchforks and torches.

DC Has Highest Share of Spare Bedrooms In the Country  [Urban Turf DC]  The curse of the spare bedroom – I had one for several years – is that your friends from out of town always want to come stay with you, and then when they arrive and see that it’s just an empty, furniture-less room, they get all huffy.  Then night falls and the silverfish come out …

A 29 Minute Train Ride Between DC and New York?  [Engadget]   But how much will it cost?  You can get to NYC in 29 minutes right now, but it’s going to cost you a mint for the helicopter/jet ride.

The Third-Largest City In California Is Also a Ghost Town  [Mental Floss]  Planned cities are sort of like when your mom fixes you up with someone;  even if it’s better than you expected, it’s still vaguely icky.

The Neighborhood That Said “No Thanks” to Bike-Sharing  [Next City]  I love the idea of bike-sharing, but if you’re going to ride a bike every day, doing bikeshare instead of just buying a bike is like going to Hertz every morning and renting a car for your commute.

Student Loan Debt Is Preventing Millennials from Buying Homes  [Bloomberg]  When I read articles like this, I always get really smug because I have no student debt (scholarship brainiac, thankyouverymuch), but then I realize I have no excuse for not owning a home, and then I feel terrible.

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