With the premiere of the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards right around the corner on September 17th, many of us are excited to see who wins that way we can finally pick a show to binge on.

Most of the world has Netflix and if you don’t, you’re most likely siphoning off of someone else’s thanks to their customizable plans.

We are sure you’ve binged on shows like “House of Cards” and “Orange Is The New Black”, but there are a few other nominations you should totally be watching! Oh — and just for the fun of it we’re offering an interesting and fun DC reference for each and every one. Kind of like “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” but instead just DC.


For those who loved “That 70’s Show”,  this is truly a great alternative and it even has Kelso and Hyde, who play brothers! When Ashton Kutcher isn’t busy trying to end modern day slavery in DC, he occasionally stars in films and TV shows.

In the Ranch, he stars as Colt, a semi-pro football player who’s career ends and moves back home to Colorado after 15 years to run the ranching business with his brother, Rooster (Danny Masterson) and his father Bea (Sam Elliot). Along with proving himself, Colt is also torn between his current girlfriend and his high school sweetheart, Abby (Elisha Cuthbert), who’s engaged. This is a great comedic sit-com and they just dropped Season 2!


Some of you have heard of this documentary series and have probably thought, “What’s the difference between this and my other cooking shows?”. Well, for starters, these are the most renowned chefs in the world and each episode takes you not only into the kitchen but into their way of life and heritage.

While you may miss watching Gordon Ramsay running around screaming at people, it’s still pretty well worth it. Especially considering the fact that DC is kind of like the bee’s knees of the restaurant world this year.

The show is filmed in a visually fascinating way that will leave you appreciating the various aesthetics around culinary masterpieces. Every episode outdoes the other and the program itself is created by Filmmaker David Gelb—“Jiro Dreams of Sushi”.


We all know Chelsea Handler and her brutal show on E!, Chelsea Lately, which we all secretly loved deep down inside. Some of you may have even watched Chelsea Does…, which was a unique experience of the day in the life of the comedic blonde.

Netflix founder, Reed Hastings, really wanted to make his empire special by bringing late night shows to Netflix. He’s kind of a genius and totally succeeding with Chelsea Weekly and so is she! This isn’t like her old shows, in fact she’s very educational and faces fears that we as Americans are too afraid to speak on. It’s quite admirable and on top of it, the entire world is watching! Even perhaps might we add – POTUS son Eric Trump? Awkward.


From the creators of Damages, Bloodline is a juicy, dramatic thriller filled with lies, deception and murder. Watch as the demons lurking beneath one brother slowly begin to surface cementing the fate of this modern-day socialite family. The Rayburns are a quite successful family in their community, offering their hands in charities and local hospitalities. There is much more than meets the eye however and when an estranges son comes back for forgiveness and redemption, the plot only begins to thicken.

FUN FACT: Ben Mendelsoh actually used to be a fellow Washingtonian before he became famous for acting.


This show is one of Netflix’s new and chilling dramas that makes you feel as if you’re growing up in 80’s! Winona Ryder stars as Joyce Byers, who lives in a small town in Indiana set in 1983. Her son Will goes missing and his friends come across a strange girl with powers, who was involved with government experiments, who in the end all set out to find Will.

How can you not be completely stoked about this!? Especially considering the pop-up love DC showed the show a few months back.

Season 2 is set to release on October, 31 2017, so you definitely want to start binging so that you’re not behind.

We hope you check out some of these shows because they really are changing Netflix and they’re not like anything you’ll see on regular cable. Don’t forget to share with your friends too, they’ll be so glad you gave them something new to binge on Netflix!

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