MIT’s 7 Best Ideas for Future Cities  [Arch Daily]  My favorite was the “energy cloud” – no buildings are continuously heated, but as you walk into a room, your phone or whatever tells heat guns in the wall to turn on and warm you.   What could possibly go wrong with a futuristic AI phone telling your house to microwave you?

The True Costs and Profits of a DC Condo Conversion  [Urban Turf DC]  Just looking at this breakdown stressed me out.  I can’t imagine how I’d feel if it was my money on the line.  I guess there really is no such thing as a free lunch.  (Except when your grandparents visit and take you to Cracker Barrel.)

Park View Is Testing the District’s Commitment to Public Housing  [Washington City Paper]  The whole rule of “you have to move out while we rebuild your public housing, but we promise you can move back in, when it’s done in three years” seems like it’s just designed to discourage people from returning.  It’s like when you and your significant other agree to take a two month “break.”  You both know it’s going to be a permanent thing, you just want to avoid the awkward breakup talk.

 Use the Minimalists’ 90/90 Rule to Declutter Your Kitchen  [The Kitchn]  True story:  last weekend I hauled two garbage bags of clutter out of my kitchen and the sense of accomplishment I felt was at least as powerful as finishing a marathon.

A Renowned Florida Architect’s Stunning House Just Hit the Market for the First Time Ever  [Dwell]  It was built in 1972 but still looks incredibly futuristic.  Maybe my favorite house ever.

The Best Roofing Materials to Cool Your House  [Architizer]  If I ever buy a house, it will mostly be so I can have a huge overgrown green roof, even though it’ll sort of look like the hobbit house in “Lord of the Rings.”

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