The House that Inspired “Charlotte’s Web” Is For Sale  [Town and Country]  The rope swing from the book still hangs in the barn, and the boathouse where E.B. White wrote is maybe the greatest writer’s space I’ve ever seen.

A Serial Arsonist Haunts Virginia  [Longreads]  There might be more crime in the city, but small town crime is WAY weirder.

How DC Residents Beat the Heat Before A/C  [WAMU]  Every time I read one of these articles, my first thought is, “oh man, I’m glad I didn’t live in those primitive times!”  Then I remember that my apartment in 2017 doesn’t have A/C.  Are those tears or sweat droplets trickling down my face?

Is the DC Housing Market Overvauled?  [WTOP]  Isn’t “overvalued” sort of a meaningless term when homes are getting bombarded with multiple bids within hours of hitting the market?

Staging Can Cost a Mint When Selling a Luxury Home  [Mansion Global]  Ohhhh, so this is why so many super-expensive houses come furnished with helicopter pads and candy rooms and gazelle leather sofas.  You can’t sell a $100 million house if it’s empty, but they don’t take returns at the helicopter pad store …

More Buyers Are Bidding On Homes They’ve Never Seen In Person  [Washington Post]  This probably only seems weird to people who for some reason haven’t yet started buying everything online.  (On the other hand, I return 75% of stuff I buy online, so maybe buying a house sight unseen isn’t a great idea.)

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