Glass Block Building Facades Are Back ‘In’  [Architizer]   A see-through building that could be shattered with a single thrown rock?  Can’t imagine what could go wrong with that.

Before and After GIFs of Abandoned Sixties Resorts  [DCist]  I was going to eat a healthy dinner of brown rice and vegetables, and then I looked at this article and was like, “screw it, nothing lasts forever,” and had pizza instead.

Houston Was Left to Drown  [Jacobin]   The sad story of how unregulated, uncontrolled development turned Houston into a “death trap.”

The Fascinating Story Behind NYC’s Stables-Turned-Luxury Real Estate  [New York Post]  Sure, you could rent a $40,000/month luxury loft with a 25-foot swimming pool, but in the back of your mind, you’re always going to be aware there used to be a huge pile of horse manure where you’re standing.

DC Residents Sue the City Over Barry Farms Redevelopment  [Curbed DC]   Can you stop gentrification through the courts?  These people are going to find out.

Why Are People Returning to the Rust Belt?  [Citylab]  Will the hyperinflated home values caused by gentrification cause people to repopulate the middle of the country, just for the cheap real estate?  Not me!  To paraphrase Milton, “I’d rather be homeless in DC, than live in a huge mansion in flyover country.”



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