What to Do When the Vacant House Next Door Is Diplomatic Property  [Washington Post]  Wait, if diplomatic properties are sovereign territory, doesn’t that mean that American cops have no power there?  I’d just walk next door and set up in the guest room.  No feather-hatted Swiss constables wielding cheese batons are going to dislodge me from my new squat.

How to Vet an Apartment Before You Buy  [The New York Times]  This article suggests hiring an attorney to investigate if there’s any cat dander on the property.  Imagine going to law school for two years out of your life, going deep into personal debt, and then getting hired to look for kitten dandruff.

How a Hot Real Estate Market Literally Divided This Tiny Town  []  Resentful masses living shoulder to shoulder with a blithe elite isn’t really even a news story anymore, it’s just normal America.

What Homeowner’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover  [Urban Turf DC]  Why wouldn’t homeowner’s insurance cover nuclear war?  What do these actuaries know that we don’t?

The Netherlands Opens the Largest Bicycle Parking Lost In the World  [Arch Daily]  Wait, weren’t bikes supposed to save us from the eyesore of endless parking lots?

Why Developers Want Fannie Mae Headquarters Designated Historic  [Washington City Paper]  I’ll give you one clue:  it rhymes with “honey.”  (More specifically, it rhymes with “sax reddits.”)

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