Before, things looked good because people genuinely wanted them to look good. If you had fluffed pillows on your couch, it was because you were so type A your drapes matched your rug down to the Pantone #. Or, if you had cute table place settings or the perfect curation of cute but worldly items on your shelf it was because you had a flair for home décor, not because you had to sweat it out in case your space was ‘grammed. Oh, Instagram, the source of all modern-day envy and the world where you can never let your guard down – it’s got to (all) be picture perfect. I mean what if somebody is over at your house and they check into your custom location (Casa de ______), and it’s not looking like you are a free spirited painted who went to town at West Elm on a lawyer-level budget? The horror.

In fact, if we step out of the home décor sector for a moment, and think of other real estate areas – the Instagram-worthy rule still applies. In fact, for those designing the interior of a restaurant or a bar, the question becomes: what can we do to make this a must for Insta? There are now lists for crazed social media butterflies to determine the most instagrammable spots in any city, and it behooves businesses to be on it. Whether you’d totes double tap or would rather unfollow the Insta-phenomenon, one thing’s for certain: most people like being photogenic, and the same probably goes for spaces as well. If it looks good on Instagram, it probably looks good in person, right?


Here are some tips I scoured the web for on how, precisely, folks might go about making each and every room ready for a photoshoot debut.


  • Natural lighting.

The phrase lights, camera, action wasn’t conjured up on accident. Lighting is one of the most important (if not most important) aspect of making things looks the best they can possibly look. If the space you’re looking to spruce up doesn’t have natural lighting available, you can purchase natural light lamps and then voila, you’re on your way to a picture that will rack up the likes.


  • Keep clutter at bay

Easier said than done I know – but if you think your scattered mail across the table and collection of clothes on the floor that you swear you’re going to eventually drive to Goodwill is giving you anxiety, imagine what it might do to the unsuspecting stranger that sees it as they mindlessly scroll down their social feed. Clean is the way to be – it just takes energy to keep things that way (harrumph).


  • Get artsy

White space is great but white walls are boring. Make sure you’re not making people snooze at the sight of your space and dress it up a little! It could be pictures of those you hold dear, art you think is rad, trinkets from your travels, or any of the above…but hang something up, for Pete’s sake!


  • Texturize

This sounds like something my teenage (or childhood) self would roll their eyes at, but texture is where it’s at! Slap a rug down on your hardwood floor, strew a quilt across your couch, add a growing plant to the corner, put something unexpected on the walls, when in doubt, add a throw pillow…I could keep going, but I’ll let your mind wander on. Texture makes things more interesting – period.


  • Display, display, display

Remember that every corner of your house is a chance to display your style, to showcase your swag, to win over the hearts of insta users anonymous (or more importantly – to make your place look amazing). Don’t just slop books into a bookcase, instead arrange them in a display. Add in bookends, art, et cetera. The same goes for coffee tables. Your refrigerator door. Shelving units. Sigh…the modern age is so exhausting, right?



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