Millennials Are Leaving DC for Cheaper Cities  [Washington Post]  If all the millennials leave, who’s going to explain to everyone else what exactly Snapchat is?

DC Is Recruiting Feral Cats to Fight a Rat Epidemic  [National Geographic]  You’re not a real DC resident until you accidentally ride your bike over a dead rat.

Activists Might Erect a 45-Foot Nude Woman Statue On the Mall  [New York Times]  Good luck explaining this one to your visiting grandmother.

Someone Made a Brutalist Espresso Machine  [Arch Daily]  I really really want this, but at the same time, I know that if I went to someone’s house and they had one, my first thought would be, “this person is un-frickin-bearable.”

What Exactly Are the Borders of Northern Virginia?  [Greater Greater Washington]  My rule of thumb is that if someone asks me to go out for drinks somewhere, and my first reaction is incredulous laughter, then it’s probably in Northern Virginia.

Are Americans Doing Laundry All Wrong?  [Citylab]  If “letting it pile up under the stairs until it makes more sense to just throw it out and buy an all-new wardrobe” is wrong, well, then yes, I’m doing it wrong.

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