‘Ornament Is Crime,’ Say Modernist Architects  [Hyperallergic]  ‘Minimalism is bullhockey,’ say grandmothers in bedazzled sweatshirts.

Complete Plans Revealed for the Former Fannie Mae Campus  [Urban Turf DC]  If this new neighborhood doesn’t incorporate “Fannie” into its name (Fannietown?), then the universe is not fair or just.

No One Has Yards Anymore  [Trulia]  I am in no way against yards, but I will say that when I had a tiny 5×5 front yard, its upkeep (meaning the neighbors’ nagging) caused me no end of anxiety.  Maybe yards are overrated?

IKEA’s Flat-Packed Shelter Hut Wins Acclaim  [Arch Daily]  I know it’s technically for refugees, but I have friends in Baltimore who live in places way worse than one of these huts.

Wacky Photos of Soviet-Era Sanatoriums  [The Guardian]  What does it mean that harsh Soviet-era design has started to look hip and appealing?  Probably just the natural cycle of nostalgia.  (That, or a yearning to escape capitalism.)

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