A First Look at the Georgetown Canal Design Concepts  [Urban Turf DC]  For the most part, these look great, though if they’re actually going with those steep, sheer canal sidewalls, they’re going to need lifeguards on duty at all times.

Why They’re Building More Wooden Towers In France  [Citylab]  Concrete must produce an insane amount of pollution if making buildings out of literal dead trees is better for the environment.

The Republican Tax Plan Could Cause a Housing Recession  [Business Insider]  Recessions are bad, right?  Just checking.

Where It’s Easiest to Live Car-Free In DC  [DC Policy Center]  The unfortunate irony here is that a car is one of the biggest money pits you can own, but they’re also the most necessary in the neighborhoods with the lowest incomes.

DC Is Probably the Favorite for Amazon’s HQ2  [CNBC]  I guess according to Occam’s Razor, which dictates that the simplest answer is probably the right one, then yeah – Bezos just bought a home here, owns the Washington Post, and is going to need to do some serious lobbying as Amazon firms up its total domination of the economy.

Paul Manafort’s Luxe (and Illegal) Real Estate Purchases  [Mansion Global]  If you’re interested in a beautiful 1920s family home on a corner lot in Arlington, the feds are probably going to be auctioning off this one pretty soon.

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