The Anthem brings massive live converts to DC with its audiophile sound systems and 6000 seat arena that brings you closer to the tones and vibes of epic rock.

With Foo Fighters christening DC’s new music hotspot with “All my Life” and 21 other hits behind “Concrete and Gold”, The Anthem was officially born with a bang on October 12!

Entwined in the awesomeness of the Wharf, the Anthem is totally set to change the music scene of DC. According to Seth Hurwitz, the founder, The Anthem aims at building a resort to salvage all those great shows missed over the decades because rockstar musicians did not find a decent stage to play in DC.  The Anthem is led by I.M.P Productions, synonymous with the Lincoln Theatre and 09:30 Club.

Inspired by the interior decoration of Baroque Theatre from the 18th century, the Anthem is merely the first of the music concerts halls Hurwitz is planning to make at the Wharf.

Being a drummer himself, Mr. Hurwitz broke the records playing for Foo Fighters at the Grand Opening last week. It’s kinda safe to say his coolness might just kinda span multiple dimensions.

From bass straps to top of the class squishy blankets, the Anthem is quickly beginning to be hailed as the music lover’s heaven in D.C, thanks to its exemplary features.  

Unlike most clubs in and around D.C, The Anthem is not the result of a remodeled building, but was designed and built to serve as DC’s best concert venue since the very start. It’s nothing short of a magical journey added with exotic drinks and exquisite munchies.

The megalithic version of 09:30 club is excellent for small to huge concerts, thanks to its ergonomic engineering that can make the concert hall small or big in a matter of seconds!

Features to Explore at The Anthem if you’re a Music Lover

It’s approximated that the investors of the Anthem have spent over $60 million on the 57,000 square feet building. From musically inclined modern architecture to the snazzy interiors, the feel inside The Anthem is timeless.

Regardless of whether you’re peeking into southwest waterfront or the mushy blue pool above the stage, you will be hypnotized at The Anthem.

Excellent Sounds

Having spent up to $3 Million on sound proofing alone, The Anthem is dead-serious about making it the most insane concert hubspot for D.C. It’s built with double walls that separate the concert space completely from the outside world.

Seth Hurowitz recalls he wanted to build a place where one could enjoy AC/DC playing their full throttle without letting the world outside know about the loud fun inside.  

Super Excellent Seats

Made with highly ergonomic design styles, The Anthem also has VIP seats called Super Excellent Seats. It has up to two balconies above the ground floor with 450 theatre style seats that are built with a focus on providing the best angle to enjoy the new Live music centre in D.C.

As the concert has a moving stage with rolling stairs, it is easy to revamp it for an intimate vibe during smaller concerts too.

Seven Bars and Munchies

On the three storied concert hall in the Wharf, you can also find up to seven bars with a vibrant mix of exotic and delectable bars. If you’re not feeling like boozing, there’s an exotic Coffee Bar from Vigilante Coffee Company.

The Anthem is not just for the music, but the food too. It is slowly turning into DC’s hottest new dinner hotspot too. You can find Red Apron Hot Dogs, Vegan Hot Dogs, Bao Buns, Wharfie and even Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

Chic Interiors

Every moment inside The Anthem feels like an episode out of an epic rock concert. When you walk into the lobby, you are welcomed by the gorgeous string lights that give a matchless vibe to the stage. The dash of uniqueness kicks in when you notice the string lights are in fact, cymbals not chandeliers. It does not stop there, folks!

The interior designing of The Anthem is futuristic. With a radiant combination of bare brick and steel, The Anthem is guaranteed to fly you into the wilderness of exotic music!

Massive Music Experience

The extravagantly large stage is designed to let every audiophile in the 6000-seat arena feel ecstatic. The sides of the stage are adorned with lights that flicker out of a porous metal full according to the genre of the music or the whims of the musician.

As if the awesomeness of it all isn’t crazy enough, the mood lighting can be changed using mobile applications, in case the show is not housed too.

Before you go …

Added to the free WiFi, The Anthem has a promising line-up of rockstars including Bob Dylan, Erykah Badu and Bon Iver in the coming months. The incredibly spacious concert hub envisions catering to all genres of music.

Remember to ditch your wallets because the Anthem is cashless and only takes plastic for payment.

Next Show:

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile (And The Sea Lice)

Jen Cloher

What Date/Tim:


06:30 PM

Typical Ticket Fee


Official Website

The Anthem

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