How the A-Frame House Took Over Social Media  [The Ringer]  We’re getting closer and closer to a singularity where millennials and dads like all the same stuff.

These Transportation Projects Could Change How You Get Around DC  [Washingtonian]  Seriously, we are YEARS overdue to bar all traffic from 18th Street in Adams Morgan.

Are Soccer Arenas The Next Big Urban Ripoff?  [Citylab]  On one hand, stadiums are, yes, huge ripoffs.  On the other hand, soccer might be the bitcoin of sports;  with most parents yanking their kids out of football, added to the fact that girls AND boys can play soccer, it seems like a massive growth market.

Fairfax Will Let You Live In a Historic Home If You Renovate It  [NBC4]  Living rent-free in Fairfax is like winning free Domino’s pizza for a year;  you’re going to save a lot of money, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you.  That being said, sign me up.

An $80 Million Townhouse Just Sold In Manhattan  [New York Post]  It was originally listed at $114 million, then $90 million;  I had my checkbook ready in case it came all the way down to $7000.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Is Getting Weird  [Curbed]  Crowdfunding means that you could profit from a building that you can’t actually afford to live in.  It’s like you’re gentrifying yourself.


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