537 Incredible Photos of Eighties and Nineties DC  [Greater Greater Washington]  I guess novelty is 90% of visual appeal, because the boxy, hideous cars in that 1988 photo all look incredible to me.  (Full disclaimer:  I proudly owned an El Camino in the Nineties.)

Can Crowdfunding Solve the Homelessness Crisis?  [Curbed]  Crowdfunding does some amazing things, but it’s also the tackiest, most 2017 kind of charity imaginable.  You can’t just be a regular homeless guy, you’ve got to make a viral video to get that sweet charity cash.  If I was a bum, I’d save all my panhandled change and hire a publicist and a social media manager.

This Startup Uses Data Science to Predict Home Listings Before They Happen  [Forbes]  It’s like the most boring possible remake of “Minority Report.”

Meet the Robots Showing Bay Area Homes  [Mercury News]  We’re all going to lose our jobs to robots, people.  Say it with me:  “universal basic income.”

Celebrity Winners and Losers In Real Estate In 2018  [SF Gate]  I always get annoyed when I read some story about a celebrity who bought a mansion for ten million and sold it a few years later for twenty million.  They don’t need the money!  That’s like Bill Gates winning Powerball.

You Might Be Able to Beat the New Tax Bill By Prepaying Your 2018 Property Taxes  [WAMU]  Prepaying next year’s tax bill is pretty much the most mature, adult thing you can do, right up there with unironically wearing fleece and paying for the Washington Post website instead of just using an incognito window.

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