“Climate Gentrification” Could Reshape Real Estate  [CBS News]  Wait, so are future hipsters going to build up huge villages on stilts above the waterline and then get priced out of them?

Tenants In the District Paid $14 Billion In Rent In 2017  [Curbed DC]  “Fourteen billion dollars, flushed down the toilet!”  – My mom.

London’s Most Elite Streets  [Wall Street Journal]  Is the nicest street in London the nicest street in the world?  I can’t think of any real competitors.  Manhattan might have some pricier stretches, but even the swankest block of Manhattan still has like three CVSes and two panhandling crustpunks.

Living In a Tiny House In the Woods Might Be the Best Cure for Modern Life  [Washington Post]  I spend about a week each year out in the middle of the woods in a cabin, and it does improve my mood, mostly because when I get back to the city I’m so incredibly relieved that I don’t live in a cabin in the middle of the woods.

This Restaurant’s Menu Was Inspired By Its Architecture  [The Atlantic]  Now that I think about it, doesn’t Taco Bell kind of taste the way that a Taco Bell looks?  (Just typing that sentence made me nauseous.)

Someone Just Bought Greta Garbo’s Manhattan Home for $2.5 Million Over Ask  [Curbed NY] “Kinda creepy” – Greta Garbo’s ghost.


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