11 Homes With Gorgeous Double Height Spaces  [Arch Daily]  Double-height ceilings look nice, but you can’t actually use that space.  We should be using that room on extra-low floors.  (I apologize for that dad joke.)

This Gutted LeDroit Mansion Could Be Yours for $1.6 Million  [Curbed DC]  I have yet to see a “fixer upper” that I wouldn’t just live in as-is.  I actually kind of like the idea of squatting in a gutted Ledroit mansion, reading by candlelight and huddling around a burning trash barrel for heat.

This Tiny Cottage Is For Sale In the Country’s Hottest Market  [Coastal Living]  One of the effects of living in DC is that real estate prices in other places will never ever shock you.  When Seattleites complain about a $400K cottage, I just want to smile and pat them on the head like a small child.

A Driverless Future Could Threaten the Laws of Real Estate  [Bloomberg]  I guess it’s true that if “location, location, location” is no longer a consideration, then all bets are off.  Also, “hmph, I don’t auto-commute” is going to be the new “hmph, I don’t even OWN a television.”  I can’t wait to be even more unbearable.

Why Has This Vacant Lot Atop the Waterfront Metro Waited So Long for Offices?  [Greater Greater Washington]  If we’re trying to keep our Millennials, we should just turn Waterfront into a beach.


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