Real Estate Firm Closes Third Bitcoin-Only Transaction  [Housing Wire]  That distant scream you hear echoing around the planet is the guy who sold his $5 million mansion last month for pile o’ bitcoin and then watched it nosedive every day since.

The Case for Seven Georgetowns  [Georgetown Metropolitan]  More than most DC neighborhoods, Georgetown has a totally different vibe in different sections.  Maybe we *should* split it into sub-neighborhoods, if only because right now it’s named after a king, which seems vaguely un-American.

The Nine Potential Amazon HQ2 Sites Around DC  [Washington Post]  “The good news is, you work for the most successful company in the world.  The bad news is, we’re transferring you to Ballston.”

DC Makes a Push for Self-Driving Cars  [Urban Turf DC]   Not having to make stone-cold-sober small talk with a taxi or Uber driver would actually be worth the 40% chance, at any given moment, that the AI is going to abruptly drive off a cliff.

Where to See the Ruins of Olympics Infrastructure  [Atlas Obscura]  I thought falling into disrepair was the saddest possible outcome for old Olympic stadiums, but then I read about the one that later became a wartime site for executions.

A New Housing Rights Movement Has the Real Estate Industry Scared  [The Nation]   But doesn’t rent control just restrict supply, making the remaining properties that much more expensive?  You’d think the real estate industry would be all about that.

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