Bitcoin Is Creeping Into Real Estate and the Risks Are Real  [VICE]  Yeah, the risks are real … real tempting!  (For god’s sake, please prop up my fake internet money investment.)

The Crystal City-National Airport Pedestrian Bridge Might Actually Happen  [Curbed DC]  Me:  “Man, no transportation project will ever top the pure wackiness of the Georgetown Gondola.”  Crystal City:  “Hold my beer.”

When America’s Preferred Unit of Housing Was the Bed, Not the House  [Citylab]  I could never not live alone, but I can very easily go without a bed.  (I once spent several months sleeping on three chairs in a row with blankets over them.)  People back then had it all backwards.

TOPA Bill Exempting Single Family Homes Inches Forward  [Urban Turf DC]   On one hand:  defanging one of the only tools available to vulnerable tenants.  On the other hand:  my rent going down slightly because more people will rent out their houses.  I’m glad I don’t have to vote on this one.

Rising Mortgage Rates Hit New Homes Sales Hard  [CNBC]   Wait, is slashing taxes in an overheated economy not a good idea?!  Who knew?  (Other than every economist.)

This Alleged $1.2 Billion Ponzi Scheme Could Destroy the CA Trophy Home Market  [Mansion Global]  Not even kidding – whenever I read the details about one of these ponzi schemes, my first thought is, “but isn’t that just how capitalism works?”

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