This $19.75 Million Mansion Is 2018’s Biggest Sale So Far  [Mansion Global]  Architect:  What kind of house you want?  Original Owner of This House:  You know that $29 white IKEA tv stand?  Architect:  Say no more, fam.

Can a Building Be Old But Not Historic?  [Greater Greater Washington]  The better question is, can a building be historic but not old?  Think about all the unique Brutalist buildings that are only a few decades old but are being torn down already.  Future architecture students are going to judge us harshly.

People Keep Walking Face-First Into the New Apple Building’s Glass Walls  [SF Chronicle]  On one hand, this is a serious safety issue involving architectural design choices.  On the other hand – ha ha!

Lots of Buyers In DC Are Bidding On Homes Sight Unseen  [Urban Turf DC]  Online dating has definitely made it easier, psychologically, for people to do this.  We all know now that reality is 20% less attractive than it appears in the photo.

Hyattsville Bar That Hosted Duke Ellington Being Restored  [Hyattsville Wire]  I hope they’re turning it into an actual bar instead of some kind of monument.  You could sell so many $12 cocktails to people who just wanted to post a selfie on Instagram from inside Duke Ellington’s former hangout.

This Logan Circle Construction Project Wants You to Come and Deface Its Barriers  [Curbed DC]  I can draw three things really really well, but the only one I can name on this family-friendly blog is Garfield the cat.  By the time you read this, I will have Sharpied all three of my specialty items on the Logan Circle wall.


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