20001 Is DC’s Most Gentrified Zip Code  [Curbed DC]  I can confirm this is true.  I lived there for a decade, in a falling-down rowhome with holes in the walls and ceiling, and saw the changes firsthand.  I don’t think it really sunk in, though, until one day when my new neighbors had a housewarming party and blasted Shania Twain (!!!).

Looking Back at the Last Housing Crisis … From the Precipice of the Next One?  [Longreads]  If I ever had a house whose value went suddenly underwater, I like to think I’d be one of those responsible owners who tightens their belt and figures out how to make things work, but in my heart I know I’d shrug, leave the keys in the mailbox, and hit the road to become a railroad hobo or something.

Is Today’s Condo Architecture Too Boring?  [The Baffler]  The conclusion this article comes to – that appealing aesthetics inevitably lead to high prices – was totally unexpected but also probably true.  I’ll gladly live in an ugly, bland house if my rent stays low.

10 Fictional Homes We Want to Live In  [Literary Hub]  Someone should use one of those architectural modeling programs to mock up Gatsby’s house based on descriptions in the book.  I bet it would look exactly like my high school girlfriend’s car-dealership-owning parents’ house.

Many Bloomingdale Residents Are Against a Historic District  [Greater Greater Washington]  Owning a house in a historic district is sort of like having a job as a news anchor, where you have to get written permission just to change your hairstyle.  I don’t feel bad for historic home owners, though, since their home value gets probably a 20% (?) premium for having that little plaque.

This Kalorama Home Just Sold for $9 Million  [Urban Turf DC]  Theory:  dig up the identity of the buyer and you’ll know who Gary Cohn’s replacement is going to be.




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