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The question of whether somebody is homeless or not is actually more complex than what first meets the eye. In other words, there’s more to a home then a roof over your head. For instance, someone might not technically be “homeless,” but they could be lacking the general comforts that most people take for granted. They might be missing the things that make a house a home – blankets to keep warm, a soft place to lay their head, food for their bellies, dishes piled in the sink…

And while helping the poor and homeless is an ongoing battle, more and more companies are stepping up to the plate to take a swing at this fundamental issue that so many in society face. One new company that is making waves in helping those who are less fortunate feel comfortable living their day to day lives is Leesa, a mattress company.

Leesa is the millennial’s version of a mattress company, meant to rival Casper. And before you roll your eyes at a company that’s trying to make mattresses hip, you should really hear them out – after all, they do have over 11,000 5-star reviews. Leesa’s most redeeming quality, aside from eye-catching branding and affordable mattresses with reviews that would lead anyone to believe they’ve got to be comfortable, is the fact that they are a certified B-Corp. For those of you that aren’t up to speed with business terminology, that means that Leesa is following in the footsteps of modern brands such as TOMS Shoes and using business as a force for good. Their contribution to the world? For every ten mattresses sold, the company donates one to a certified non-profit organization serving the homeless and other at-risk populations. In their pursuit of a better night’s sleep so far, the company has donated mattresses to organizations such as 180 Turning Lives Around, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, Phoenix Dream Center, and more.

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However, the company doesn’t stop at donated mattresses. They are also proud catalysts for the environment, as showcased through their “One-Earth” program. Similar to their mattress commitment, the company partners with the Arbor Day Foundation and has committed to plant one tree for every mattress they sell. It’s safe to say you can sleep well if you decide to purchase one of their mattresses.

Coincidentally, that’s not just because of the social impact your purchase might have. It’s also due to the fact that their mattresses have received rave reviews from professional outlets such as Business Insider, as well as the thumb’s up from many everyday, average Joe consumers that are just trying to sleep through the night. So, what’s the secret to the good press? According to Leesa’s website, their mattresses have been designed with a “unique combination of performance foam layers” which are meant to deliver “cooling bounce, counting pressure relief and core support for an amazing sleep.”

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As far as mattresses go, Leesa is fairly affordable. Their signature mattress, in a queen size, will run you $870, with financing options available (and free shipping!). The Sapira mattress, or their luxury option, combines their standard foam layers with pocket-spring coils for extra support, costing $1495 for a queen-sized version. Other products offered include pillows, blankets, sheets, and a minimalist bed frame that fits the mattress’ mold perfectly. While competitor Casper has taken to their target market quite literally (in Target stores nationwide), Leesa is the mattress of choice available in on-trend West Elm and Pottery Barn.

Leesa is based not far from the District in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Their mission at the start (and to this day) is “to help people sleep better.” The company offers some of the same perks as other millennial mattress brands such as an 100 night-in home trial, a full refund policy, and mattresses that are compressed, boxed, and shipped right to customers’ doors.

If mattresses can be trendy, then by golly, I think Leesa’s going to make them so…all while furthering a social mission to “support people who struggle to afford a place to rest their head at night.”

With that in our heads, I think we all have a better chance at sweet dreams. 

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