If you don’t have an app, are you even a business? In all honestly, apps, though they sound fancy and sophisticated, aren’t right for every business model. But for many, they offer a modern, unique way to interact with both current and potential customers. However, for smaller businesses, the act of building an app can be daunting…and way too expensive. Hiring an agency to perfect a digital endeavor can be a kind of business pipe dream. Luckily, there’s a DC-based startup working hard behind the scenes to bring apps down to earth and make them a possibility for all businesses –– or at least most.

Hatch is an “automated app creation platform.” And while that certainly sounds impressive enough on its own, what truly makes their business model special is the fact that they “build powerful apps for your business at a fraction of the time and cost.” Further dissecting who Hatch is and what they do, Technical.ly describes the SaaS platform as one that:

“…aims to allow organizations to build and launch mobile and web apps without writing code, and doing so in a matter of days, rather than months if they worked with software development agencies. Once launched, the company provides a management system that allows the users to make updates and add content or features. The platform also automates back-end processes such as server storage, data management, and updates.”

So far, Hatch has been able to aid companies in a multitude of industries with their app needs. Listed out on their website are specific industries ranging to include everything from non-profits and startups to real estate and corporate training. Their featured customer page showcases mostly under-the-radar businesses with promising ideas such as Job-IQ, Groupe Nduom, Ashoka, and Wayd.

The cost to businesses starts at $1,000 /per month to design and launch a customized app without coding (including amenities such as hosting, instant updates to app stores, app performance analytics, a CMS, and more). For companies with more complex desires, Hatch also offers custom projects (which come at a custom cost). Customization allows for extras such as access to Hatch design and development experts, custom functionality, private apps, and more.


With apps at the forefront of the average consumer’s day-to-day life, it’s no wonder that Hatch uncovered this untapped opportunity to make the technology easier (and more affordable) to leverage for businesses of all sizes. Hatch was co-founded by Param Jaggi and Amelia Friedman, who met at the Halcyon Incubator in 2015. Speaking to the potential of what they’ve built, and their greatest selling point (speed), Jaggi is quoted by American Inno:

“If you go to any custom development shop, that’s impossible –– the minimum time it will take to build the apps will be one month and that’s if they work full time. We were able to use our platform to build the app in three days. That was the moment we realized how powerful this thing is.”

Earlier this year, in February, the same outlet reported that the company had raised $1.3 million in angel funding –– so as it stands, they’re just getting started. The plan is to use that backing to scale the company’s engineering and infrastructure teams. Located not far from The George Washington University in downtown DC, Hatch is just one tech startup that’s proving that Silicon Valley isn’t the only spot where good ideas can thrive.


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